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Love2Play by HannahRHurst :iconfatmanwalktheland:FATMANWALKTHELAND 1 0 Giant Child By Trinity Cake :iconfatmanwalktheland:FATMANWALKTHELAND 9 2 jack and jill By Lovablechocopie :iconfatmanwalktheland:FATMANWALKTHELAND 2 4 Giant Child By Alukuma :iconfatmanwalktheland:FATMANWALKTHELAND 6 0 Giant Child By Xxsweet :iconfatmanwalktheland:FATMANWALKTHELAND 1 1 Oracleo By Sugarkittypastel :iconfatmanwalktheland:FATMANWALKTHELAND 4 8


What you should know:
I can't draw any of the following: Furries/Anthro, EXTREMELY detailed characters, robots, MLP, or any animals!
These are drawn on my phone
I will be sending you the commission through!
PAY FIRST! You can send the points now or when I note you the commission ("Your commission is done! Send the points and I'll give you the link of your commission from my!")
These are only portraits/head shots!
I'm not gonna "imagine" your character
5 POINTS (+5 For an extra character, limit of only two characters!)

2 :IconIamRanya: DONE
3 :IconKibaroark: DONE
4 :IconRoyszawa
:iconensbandofadopts:EnsBandOfAdopts 5 21
60 free toyhouse codes
Hello everyone 
: >
I decided I wanted to give people toyhouse codes, because currently Im not doing anything with them
There are a few rules tho!
One per person 
Accounts older than 3 months only! (sorry)
All codes will be noted, so no one steals D:
But you need to comments here!
There are 50 codes
When there are only 10 ill raffle them, altho im sure it wont be necessary XD
First come first serve : >
If you can get the word spread that would be great : >
There had been 50 codes given so far!
The raffle will end in two weeks : > good luck! call your friends for more chances
:icongingler:Gingler 13 161
Wow, Someone Stole My Art
Update: She's stealing multiple works and uploading them. Here is my art, reuploaded on her account:

I've already reported it and filed a DMCA complaint but Moquo has also stolen work from larienne . Report and avoid this user. They know what they're doing is wrong and are trying to troll, but in reality they're just wasting their time and look kind of pathetic. 
Gonna tag Mimi-Diggz , Galvantula866  since you guys know how to spread word like wildfire. 
:iconsweetpastelstars:SweetPastelStars 4 72
Commission Info - Points And Paypal CLOSED :iconbeautiful-kitties:Beautiful-kitties 79 30
scammer (ALERT)(UPDATED)
I am spreading for some reason.
I wanted to trade points for USD (YES It is allowed so you know.)
BUt then this deviant notes me they want too.
I had around 2000 points at that time, they said they wanted all.
But when I asked them to send me the money first--- they didn't reply that's because.

LOOK out for this person my friends. They keep making alts and really so many people have been scammed.
EDIT: 27/03/17-
hammyhamitonham Just told me to kill myself because she wast defending Feliixxx
SUSPICIOUS RIGHT? ANd I was reffering to Feliixxx that time but she said that it isn't even her? Which means she's the real YUKI?

I insulted her and it seems to blow her away?
Is she a child?
Like not of age?
Well, well. You can read the thing here -->
:iconshadetd:ShadeTD 4 13
I Give You My Heart :icontinablythe:TinaBlythe 184 25 How To Pay For Commissions! :iconwiley-bun:Wiley-Bun 11 6
Scammer! Do Not Accept Anything From this User!
Ugh, this is my first time being scammed on here, but I'll try to be calm about it.
I had a journal up and was looking for $10 in exchange for 1000 points.
They offered to do it, but I never got the USD :/
On their old account, they claimed that were scammed recently, but it seems like they were just trying to look innocent. I waited a while before posting this (I waited about 3 hours after screenshots were taken) because I thought maybe my GAD was acting up, but the fact that they said they wanted to send it at the same time really brings it home imo
And they said "I'll go send!" and didn't send anything lol (you can see it in the notes below)
Also, someone called them out on their page, but that comment was hidden.
EDIT: Apparently this user has been around for a long time.
Here is an Index about all the shit she's cau
:iconwiley-bun:Wiley-Bun 17 85
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This Character taken by

:icondarkblazejack:Darkblazejack 1 1
Core goal i need to Finish my goal to get the core :icondarkblazejack:Darkblazejack 25 7 EPC: Fatmanwalktheland :icontrinity-cake:Trinity-Cake 9 10 Google is not stock :iconamblingphotographer:AmblingPhotographer 92 28 Please Credit Properly :icontaruto:taruto 285 36



Turn Your Art Work Into A Temporary Tattoo
i turn any art work to an full color or black and white temporary tattoo.

The is 8 inch by 11 inch or A4 Size.

You Paid For S & H/Free shipping for local u.s.a 
Free Pick Up For Local
pay pal or points

Please don't use or Re-draw my art without permission. If you want to use my art please give me credit for drawing it, and ask me. If you want to re-draw it please ask me. I can tell when something of mine has been re-drawn.



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Should Change My User Name Form FatManWalkTheLand In To Papa Smurf ? 

6 deviants said lol Papa Smurf for president
5 deviants said heck! Why Not Change Is Good Thing
2 deviants said Dude Are U Nut! Don't Miss With A Class
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I awoke to quite a shock, my lungs seemed to heave for air, and soon panic set in. As my eyes popped open  I realized that I was being squeezed! I felt the writing coils of a boa wrapping tighter around my body, inch by inch, moment by moment. I wiggled and writhed as best I could, but soon her cold, calloused eyes were facing me and I realized--Jenny had me completely caught in her trap.

I literally felt like a worm on a hook as I watched her forked tongue dart in and out, her near hypnotic movements sizing me up. It seemed that the more I squirmed, the tighter her grip became and soon it was hard to breathe--let alone think. In an act of pure desperation, I finally managed to swing my arm behind my shoulder, freeing it somewhat. The feeling of her coils instantly struck against the rib cage where my free arm had once been, causing me instant regret. I only had one shot at causing her to release me, and I placed all of my effort and force into the blow. The strike came down hard, with all of my might and landed crossly upon her ski-slope shaped nose.The punch seemed to catch Jenny off guard, causing her to coils to loosen and drop me to the floor below. As I landed with a thud I heard a rather large hiss, a signal that she was none too pleased with my escape. I quickly scrambled to my feet and ran as fast as my feet would carry me! I could hear Jenny pursuing as she dropped to the ground and began slithering my way with all of her might. It all seemed to play out in slow motion, my hand was outstretched, reaching for the door as I looked back to make a mental note of the distance between me and the boa. I turned my head but a moment to look behind me, and before I knew it all was dark.

Suddenly the splash of cold water snapped me to, I sat up with a shock, my hands flailing a bit wildly as I did so.Tracy, was standing over me, an empty bucket in her hands. It seems she accidentally knocked me unconscious in my scramble to leave the boa confines. To my surprise Jenny was also there, coiled and staring at me, though I couldn’t understand the motives behind this. Tracy poked me several times with her little finger as she watched me freak out. Her palm was so large, it was like my own personal bed.

I immediately asked her to put me down, but she said she would comply under one condition--that I not run away from her as I had done to Jenny. I agreed, albeit a bit nervously and so I was set down upon the floor once more.

I moved across the room to turn on the TV for any information on the latest events within the city. The local news broadcast, given by Gary Slater, said that the strange rainbows had been spotted in the sky. These rainbows were apparently made of unidentified chemical and biological liquids. These chemicals originated from an overturned rig along the main highway and interacted with the natural air,turning into hazardous gasses that created the strange rainbows. This phenomena could be seen as far away as in Idaho, Florida, and New Jersey. At the site of the crash many leaking barrels were seen rolling down the hill into local reservoirs, this caused a huge issue since this was a water source for nearby inhabitants. Contact with these “rainbow” chemicals were reported to be fatal, and reports were pouring in that people and animals both had grown larger in size due to exposure from the spill. The news reported size increases of up to four times normal size, causing both humans and some animals to turn into giants overnight, strangely the chemicals only seemed to affect females.

The news also stated that efforts by the Department of Health have been put into action. Mr. Harry O’Connor of the Department of Health reported to the press 10 minutes ago that these side effects of gigantism are typically known to last for over a year but conservative efforts have been made to reduce it to a one week duration.

Suddenly I felt a jolt and realized that not only Jenny and Tracy were affected, but Alice as well! She reached down, grasping me by the back of my shirt and lifted me with ease to eye level as she inspected me. She then dropped me off on the nearby couch and poked me as if I was one of the sofa cushions.
“Don’t be so rough, I’m not one of your dolls!” I screamed, prompting Alice to apologize and promise not to be so harsh to me again.

//Stopped Here

I looked around seeing all three giants looking at me with curiosity and realized that I would have to put up with these side effects for more than a year or if I’m lucky for only a week if a cure is found by the Department of Health. I also realized that if all the women in Kansas City are affected and if worst the whole of USA then no man would ever want to be nasty to any woman ever!

All three were eyeing at me and whispering to each other what they were planning to do with me for the rest of the week. I anxiously tried to open my ears a bit larger to hear what they were talking about and moved closer to their mouths. Suddenly I was yanked up by Jenny and whisked away to the nursery room where some of my worse nightmares were about to come true, they had decided to dress me up in baby clothes for the rest of the week.

But Tracy thought I looked better in the clown costume which she bought earlier for a fancy dress party but Alice suddenly squealed in delight and said what about dressing him up as a woman. All three decided they would alternate the days and dress me up in whatever their choice is to be that day. I cringed inside and thought I can stick this charade out for a week but not for more than a year! I got angrier and angrier with our wholesome government that told the public that these chemicals were safe and no side effects existed. As I was being pulled by 3 sets of very large fingers, I screamed out to them saying to all three giants, “let me down, I had enough, don’t treat me as a doll, I don’t deserve it”! Louder and louder I was yelling until someone was shaking my shoulders and body side to side, I opened my eyes up and saw Alice next to my bed telling me to wake up, wake up, you’re having one of those bad dreams again!

>I looked dead in her eyes, I don't think so! I turned and punched her on the nose, she

>quickly drops me on the floor. You should talk about running for my life. I ran so damn fast, I made superman look so slow.

By the time Jenny hopped out of bed I was at least more than a few inches on the way out of the door. I said to myself, yes I'm going to make it, damn I hate my life!  I should have known that this was going to happen. Just as I got closer to the door, Tracy my little sister came running to me, and the door smacked me right in my

>face and knocked my ass out cold. I must have been unconscious for 2 days. O Man! I open my eyes and saw Tracy shaking the holy crap out of me. I called out, you have lost it alright. Put me down now and I'll promise I won't run. She then released me and gave me kiss on my head, yuck I said to myself. It was then I was sitting on the marble table in the living room facing the tube and what was happening to Kansas City.


Oie White
United States
Ask The Fat Man Any Thing and if you copy my stuff please throw an old dog an bone.


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ok what train
Thu Mar 23, 2017, 3:58 PM
about who About their personality
Thu Mar 23, 2017, 3:57 PM
Are you............................................................. THE TRAIN GUY??????????????????????????
Wed Mar 22, 2017, 8:02 PM
About their personality
Wed Mar 22, 2017, 8:28 AM
gay about what? clueless i don't get the joke!
Sun Mar 19, 2017, 9:59 PM
Sun Mar 19, 2017, 6:11 AM


FATMANWALKTHELAND has started a donation pool!
307 / 8,000
I be use the point to help bring my comic book to life!

Hopefully put together an group of writer and artist to help my dream come true.

I have both Dyslexia & learning disability and i only see black and white ;so i kind been teach myself how to write or in my case jotting down my ideals.

So who ever have some free time and would like to help me out i will very grateful!

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